The IRS writes off MILLIONS
in tax debt each year.

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    Dealing with the IRS directly can be stressful, scary and time consuming.
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    Common Tax Problems
    Tax Levies
    Tax Audit
    Tax Liens
    Wage Garnishment
    IRS Tax Penalties
    Back Taxes
    Delinquent Taxes
    Payroll Taxes
    Late Tax Return Filing

    Our 4 Step Proven Process

    Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to putting you back on the right path to financial freedom.


    If you have unfiled tax returns or are facing IRS or state collection action, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our team of CPAs and Enrolled Agents who have a proven track record of success.


    Our team handles all aspects of your case, including setting up your protective status, pulling tax records and connecting with the IRS, reviewing records, and conducting a complete financial analysis, to make it easier for you to be financially protected.


    The Creative Tax Solutions tax investigation service includes tax debt investigation, tax compliance report and in-depth tax resolution consultation with a goal to help you get back on your feet fast.

    Resolution & Freedom

    Your tax resolution and financial freedom is our goal! Our team is dedicated to establishing IRS compliance on your behalf with a goal to achieve the very best possible resolution.

    Our Tax Relief Programs are designed for:

    Self Employed
    Business Owner

    We offer flat fee pricing and pay as You Go fee structure

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    If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our work, communication or performance during your time as our client, we offer a money back guarantee for your first 15 days with us. That means you have no need to worry about anything when working with us.

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    Professional tax relief services

    American taxpayers are often up against lots of tax-related problems and other issues imposed by the IRS. But this doesn’t mean there is no way to reach a tax settlement or achieve a successful resolution. That is when Creative Tax Solutions comes in.


    We are a company that puts the needs of Americans first by bringing immediate tax burden relief and helping them clear up their financial situations. For over 25 years, our team of enrolled agents and CPAs has been dealing with the IRS on behalf of our clients to reach resolutions everyone is good with.


    With a focus on your financial protection, Creative Tax Solutions will professionally assist you in facing the IRS. Starting from an in-depth tax debt investigation, we will develop and implement the most effective relief plan for your particular case. With us on your side, any tax liability can be covered once and for all.

    Your best tax solutions in Florida and all over the US

    At Creative Tax Solutions, we offer a range of consulting, accounting, and tax help services for individuals, self-employed people, and business owners. We will do everything it takes to provide you with the favorable solutions for such problems as tax levies, audits, liens, IRS penalties, wage garnishment, delinquent taxes, and other issues standing in your way to the financial peace of mind.


    Our programs include everything from an Offer in Compromise to the IRS debt forgiveness. If your case qualifies, be sure you will get all the means necessary to reduce the amount owed. Plus, we will provide you with the qualified support at all stages.

    Hire our team of enrolled agents and let the consummate professionals represent your tax interests within the law. Our tax resolution firm in FL has already served thousands of clients and will be delighted to assist you in getting the settlement in favor of your case!

    At Creative Tax Solutions, we specialize in dealing with the IRS and/or state taxing authorities. Our main goal is to arm our clients with the leg work and give you the knowledge, confidence and tools necessary to resolve your tax debt for good.

    Even at your first consultation with our specialists, we are confident you will have total certainly that we specialize in one main aspect, which is resolving your tax problems. It is all we do, our only mission, and our only focus. In the same way that IRS agents are experts at attempting to get what they feel is necessary from taxpayers, we will show you that we’re experts at dealing with the IRS and getting you what we, as a team, feel is necessary.

    Our expertise, inside knowledge, and personal attention will help you to breathe easy. By representing your interests, and offering full protection under the law when dealing with the IRS or state, we will save you countless hours of stress, anxiety and efficiency.

    Our services consist of tax debt investigation, tax compliance report and in-depth tax resolution consultation with an overall goal to help you get back on track with your taxes, and moving forward. By getting a tax consultation with the Creative Tax Solutions team, you’ll receive the numerous benefits of years of experience from some of the best tax professionals in America.

    To ensure you get the best service, our specialists include:

    CPAs – Accountants – Former IRS Revenue Officers – Enrolled Agents – Tax Consultants