Animal lovers of all ages should visit the Palm Beach Zoo, which is situated in West Palm Beach, Florida. More than 550 animals from all over the world live in the zoo, including rare and threatened species like clouded leopards, jaguars, and Malayan tigers. Many of the animals are accessible to visitors through interactive exhibits, such as the koala encounter and giraffe feeding experience.

Palm Beach Zoo located in West Palm Beach, FL

The Palm Beach Zoo offers a variety of educational programs and events for visitors of all ages in addition to its impressive animal collection. There are many opportunities to learn about conservation efforts and the significance of protecting endangered species, from wildlife shows to behind-the-scenes tours. Read about another local place in West Palm Beach to see animals, McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Palm Beach Zoo is committed to the protection of wildlife and runs numerous local and international conservation projects. The zoo is also dedicated to sustainability and has put in place several green measures, such as solar panels and water-saving initiatives.

With its remarkable animal collection, interesting exhibits, and informative events, the Palm Beach Zoo is generally a terrific location to spend a day with family or friends. It is a must-see location for everyone traveling through the West Palm Beach region.

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