The IRS classifies taxpayers into several categories based on numerous factors that are present in a taxpayer’s financial and lifestyle circumstances, also known as his/her “status.” One status in particular, the Status 53, applies to taxpayers who owe taxes from previous years, but who currently have no ability to settle those debts. Status 53 is used for those people who are deemed to be “currently not collectible.”

By being placed on Status 53, taxpayers have significantly more breathing room for payment of their back taxes. As soon as a taxpayer is deemed currently not collectible, the IRS is required to cease all collection activities immediately. The IRS will, although, still send the taxpayer an annual statement that shows the amount of taxes still outstanding, but this is not a bill. It is important to note that the debt does not go away simply because of the status, and the IRS may still file a tax lien on future assets.

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A taxpayer may only receive this status if he/she provides indisputable proof that he/she has no ability whatsoever to pay the taxes owed presently. The taxpayer’s tax team will have to complete a Collection Information Statement (CIS) that will detail the assets and sources of income, as well as the expenses the taxpayer needs to stay afloat. The IRS will then consider the request on a case-by-case basis.

While Status 53 is designed to help taxpayers get back on their feet and make financial recovery, it is a temporary measure designed for a period of one year. But, depending on the status of the taxpayer, it could be rolled over to another tax period.

Qualified and experienced tax specialists are aware of all the ins and outs of obtaining the currently not collectible status for a taxpayer. It is important to seek professional help as a taxpayer might assume the status is still current when, in fact, the IRS has moved to take collection actions such as levies or wage garnishments.

Regardless of your tax issues, the Creative Tax Solutions team will work diligently to find the best solution possible for you, your family, and your business with a goal to provide some measure of relief.

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There are many IRS classifications that American taxpayers fall under that are based on their financial and life circumstances. One such classification is Status 53, which is for people who do not have the funds to settle their tax debt. People who qualify for this classification are placed on currently not collectible status. If you are struggling to make payments to the IRS, you should consider applying for Status 53 protection.

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If you are placed on Status 53 protection, the IRS will immediately cease all collection activities; however, the debt will not be forgiven merely because you are on IRS currently not collectible status. Delinquent taxpayers are still responsible for all tax debts. To qualify, you must provide proof that you are unable to pay your taxes and complete a Collection Information Statement (CIS). You can be approved if:

  • The taxpayer is deceased and the estate has no collection potential
  • Collection will create a financial hardship for the taxpayer
  • You are unemployed
  • You are dependent on social security payments or welfare

Getting protection will give you one year to get back on your financial feet. You can apply for an extension if the IRS believes you are not yet able to begin making payments.

IRS non-collection status with CTS

You need to find professional help resolving your tax issues because the IRS will eventually take action against you by garnishing your wages and levying your bank accounts. Do not let this happen to you. No matter what problems you are having with the IRS, Creative Tax Solutions is here to help you resolve your tax issues in the fastest and best way possible. Our qualified and experienced tax agents know all the applicable rules and regulations pertaining to getting non-collectible status for their clients. Let us help you so that you can finally have some peace of mind.

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