Back taxes are considered taxes that haven’t been paid in the year they were due, which can include federal, state and/or local levels. Back taxes accumulate interest and penalties on a regular – often monthly – basis, so it’s very important to contact a tax specialist as soon as you are aware you are delinquent.

Unpaid back taxes can be a serious issue for many taxpayers because, most often, if they haven’t paid their taxes, it was because they couldn’t. However, taxpayers who don’t have the monies to repay their taxes immediately can often negotiate a lessened settlement with the help of a tax attorney.

Your tax attorney will help you file your back taxes by gathering important documents and locating any missing paperwork the IRS needs, as well as collecting all necessary information from your employer, bank and other sources. Once the IRS has all of this information, you and your tax specialists will be able to provide a plan for payment and hopefully avoid any levies, wage garnishment or liens against you and your properties.

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Have you forgotten to pay your taxes? Has personal financial crisis kept you from filing tax returns? Before you start stressing and imagining enormous penalties, hire an experienced back tax specialist! Creative Tax Solutions is ready to represent you before the IRS and help you resolve the issue quickly and fairly. Avoid wage garnishments, levies, liens, property seizure, and embarrassment in front of your colleagues, clients, and relatives. We specialize in tax laws and have already helped hundreds of clients to repay their debts. Don’t hesitate! If you have received a notice from the IRS, contact us immediately. Our tax experts will set up a meeting, and together we will analyze your situation and come up with the best solution. Remember: the longer you sweep the problem under the rug, the more you will end up paying for it.

Our back tax services

At Creative Tax Solutions, you can receive the help you need to resolve your tax issues to your advantage. Here are some options that might work for you:

  • Offer in compromise

OIC is an agreement signed between the IRS and a delinquent taxpayer that helps the latter settle the tax debt for less than he or she actually owes.

  • Installment agreement

If you are not ready to pay out the debt fully right now, we can help you negotiate with the IRS for a reasonable payment plan.

  • Currently Not Collectible

You can also qualify for a Currently Not Collectible status. If you receive it, the IRS won’t be able to collect from your account for some time.

  • Lower penalty and interest

We do not only help filing back tax returns, but also negotiate lower penalties and interest rates. In some cases, they can even be removed altogether.

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