Choosing the best tax specialist can potentially make or break your financial life. Forms that are filled out incorrectly, late or incomplete can allow the IRS to not approve your request and hinder your financial recovery. You should expect that your preparer is skilled in tax preparation and to accurately file your income tax return. Additionally, you should feel comfortable trusting your representative with your most personal information, including details about your marriage, income, children and social security numbers.

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Creative Tax Solutions has been helping businesses and individuals successfully manage their personal and business monetary concerns for almost half of a century. The team provides complete and tailored accounting, payroll and tax solutions that include monthly bookkeeping and payroll services, tax planning and tax preparation, business and personal consulting, business evaluation, bank financing, cash flow management, and much more.

Our team focuses on client satisfaction and customer service, and is never more than a phone call away. There is no need to deal with the IRS on your own, and our experienced enrolled agents are available to handle all aspects of your case for you.

Professional accounting and tax services

When dealing with the IRS, you need a specialist who can help you handle your financial matters properly. Hiring someone without the necessary skills and qualifications, or going at it alone, can result in incorrectly filled-in forms, tax understatements, and other consequences. Furthermore, when you hire someone to handle your accounting, you need to make sure this person can be trusted with sensitive information like account and social security numbers. The accounting tax specialists at Creative Tax Solutions are trustworthy people who can take the burden of dealing with the IRS off your shoulders.

Flawless accounting and tax solutions

Tax problems are a massive burden that people all over the United States have to shoulder, but with the help of Creative Tax Solutions, accounting for income taxes will no longer be a source of frustration and anxiety in your life. For nearly fifty years, we have helped countless people resolve their tax issues with the IRS, and we can help you, too. We provide you with:

  • Accounting services
  • Payroll and tax solutions
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Tax planning
  • Tax preparation
  • Business consultation
  • Personal finances consultation
  • Business evaluation
  • Bank financing
  • Cash flow management  

Reliable accounting and taxation services

With a team that focuses completely on gaining your trust and satisfaction, you cannot find a better partner than Creative Tax Solutions. Always remember that the IRS is a massive organization that has a lot of time and resources on hand to make the lives of ordinary citizens miserable. But, just because they are big does not mean you do not have a chance against them. Our enrolled agents know how to handle your case so that you can keep your money in your bank account and out of the coffers of the IRS.

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