A tax audit is an examination of your tax return by the IRS to verify that your income and deductions are accurate. Usually, your return is chosen for an audit when something you have entered on your return is out of the ordinary. There are three main types of IRS audits, and include the mail audit, the office audit and the field audit.

For most Americans, the mere thought of an IRS audit causes fear and anxiety because you are wondering what you need, what you did wrong, and what they’re looking for. With Creative Tax Solutions, you don’t need to fear a tax audit because our team will make sure you are well prepared.

The team of tax professionals will examine your records and your tax filing, and determine the best steps to provide the exact information the IRS is looking for. If the IRS is satisfied with our explanations and the documentation we provide, then your tax return will remain unchanged. If the IRS proposes changes to your return, we will either agree and accept the changes, or challenge the agent’s assessment. If you agree, you will sign the required examination report to establish a payment arrangement. If you don’t agree, we will set up a conference with the IRS manager to review the case, or request a formal appeals conference. Our team will also handle all of these correspondences on your behalf so you don’t ever have to directly work with the IRS.

The length of an audit depends on the type of audit, the complexity of the issue(s), the availability of information requested, the availability of both parties for scheduling meetings, and your agreement or disagreement with the findings. Regardless of the length, the Creative Tax Solutions team will be here with you, for you, every step of the way.

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Tax audit services

There is hardly an American who is looking forward to an IRS audit. Whether it’s a correspondence tax return audit or a field audit, we all tend to experience anxiety and fear trying to guess what we have done wrong and what the IRS will look for. With Creative Tax Solutions, you no longer need to worry about tax audits. Our financial experts will provide you with the necessary tax audit help to make sure you are fully prepared for an IRS representatives’ visit.

What tax audit assistance we provide

The primary goal of our work is to prepare you for an upcoming IRS audit so it would go as smooth as possible. Our team of tax professionals will perform the analysis of the documents and records to identify any potential issues and eliminate all sources of risk associated with the possibility to get a penalty. We will determine the best way to provide the IRS with the information it’s looking for. If the documentation and explanations we provide are sufficient for the IRS, your tax return will remain the same. If the IRS requires changes, we will either agree and accept them or request reassessment. Our next steps will depend on your decision. If you agree with the audit results, you will have to sign the examination report and make a payment arrangement. If you disagree, then we will set up a meeting with the IRS manager to review your case or request a formal appeals conference.

Why choose Creative Tax Solutions

Our company provides tax solutions for over 25 years which means that we know for sure what to expect from IRS audits. We provide support on all stages of tax audits so that you would never feel lost or frustrated. Along with federal and state tax audit help, we also handle all correspondences on your behalf. This way you won’t need to work with the IRS directly. Furthermore, we offer a money-back guarantee within the first 15 days of working with us, so that you never regret about choosing us.

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