In most cases where clients have unpaid taxes, it is common that they have been subjected to significant penalty and interest fees as well. In an effort for the IRS to receive at least a portion of their owed taxes, they will allow for the removal or refund of past penalties and interest through penalty abatement (elimination of assessed tax liability) or adjustment (reducing/altering an assessed tax liability).

If your tax specialists are able to provide a reasonable cause for abatement or adjustment, the IRS might be open to reviewing the penalties that created the tax liability. These causes could include a death or illness in the family, an error caused by the IRS employer, the destruction of records by a catastrophe, or more.

The Creative Tax Solutions team has been able to provide considerations to the IRS to allow for about 30 percent successful abatement of tax liabilities, which is roughly the national average. We have great success with creating payment arrangements that will not only work for you and your family, but also that the IRS will accept. Relief from penalties fall under reasonable cause, statutory exceptions, administrative waivers, and correction in service error, and our team will work diligently to challenge the penalties and provide relief.

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Avoid penalties with professional IRS tax help services

There is nothing pleasant about filing taxes. However, if you fail to do that by the due date, you have to expect penalties. The IRS will take all measures to impose liability and force you to pay every penny. The good news is that one can always qualify for penalty abatement or adjustment. And we are here to work towards these IRS tax solutions and get this weight off your shoulders.


Penalties should be expected for failures to timely pay, file, or accurately calculate taxes. Even if nonpayment is caused by a dishonored check, the IRS will still impose liability on you. In most cases, it will depend on the unpaid amount and due period.


Whatever your case is, Creative Tax Solutions will help you deal with IRS tax specialists by acting on your behalf and protecting your financial interests. Our team will consider all the ins and outs of penalties imposed on you to find a reasonable cause so that you qualify for abatement.

How to reach the desired IRS tax solutions?

If you want the IRS to reduce your tax liability, it’s of utmost importance to convince them that you’ve made every effort to meet your obligations but were unable to do so for justifiable reasons. These are the most common causes for getting your penalties abated or waived:

  • death of a family member;
  • serious illness;
  • unavoidable absence that made it impossible to file tax returns;
  • destruction of records caused by natural disasters;
  • careless mistakes made by IRS representatives.

Pay less in taxes with Creative Tax Solutions

Does your amount of IRS back taxes owed seem unreasonable? Have you called the IRS help line but got no explanations? Then Creative Tax Solutions is your fastest way out of the tax burden.


Once we prove that the cause of nonpayment was beyond your control, you will be immediately provided with relief!

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